Nobili Donne Milanese

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Milanese Dig Rel Thumb.jpg

Nobili Donne Milanese


These rare and unique images were purchased in Italy some years ago. The originals are about 300 years old and are printed on very sturdy parchment that is really more like a skin than a paper. To my complete and total astonishment I found a set of seven. I treasure them and keep them in a fireproof safe.

The mellow yellow color is extremely desirable, just imagine a clean white page slowly and gracefully aging over a few hundred years! And the spots where the text printed on the back shows through only adds to these magnificent Noble Women's character.

Notice the fine detail:

A plump feathered fan

The fascinating faces in the borders

Wonderfully designed heavy gowns

The serene ladylike faces

It is my pleasure to share these beautiful images with you.

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