RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Monica Downing: "FLY" with Me

I have always been drawn to things with wings, butterflies, dragonflies, angels, faeries, lightning bugs, and birds.  They are magical, beautiful, colorful. They are so graceful and mysterious.

Art has given me wings, so whenever I get the chance I love to pay homage to these winged beauties.  I think we are all capable of flying in one way or another, we just have to find and trust our wings.  It took me what seemed like a long time to find and trust my wings and my hope is that my art will inspire people to find what sets them free, what makes them fly.

I started a new job and this butterfly and dragonfly will be going to work with me. I am going to
put them in a plant on my desk where I can see them as a constant reminder to FLY.

I made the butterfly and the dragonfly using faces from the Figureheads set. I used a burnt out lightbulb for the butterfly bod  and a glass vial for the dragonfly.  The wings were cut from copper sheeting and aged using the VerDay paint system.

I hope they inspire you to find your wings and FLY.

Supply List:
RELICS & ARTIFACTS® "Figureheads"
VerDay Paint 2oz Kit 
Dresden Trim Gold Tiny Triangles