Fuse Day 7- Homage to Frida by Milagros C. Rivera

I hope you're having fun as the Collaboration between the Relics and Artifacts Ambassadors and the Design Team from RubberMoon combine their artistc flair to bring you unique takes on both companies.  There were three of us in our group so I decided to make a triptych and include everyone on my team.  Our theme was artists and I chose Frida since we had so many cool stamps to choose from and it would be very easy to combine with the Relics and Artifacts pieces.

I gave each Art Sister a panel of wood form the R&A collection already stamped and stenciled for them to finish and I will share a sneak peek with you of each of their takes.

Here's the front of my panel and you will notice that there's a cohesive pattern as I used the same stencil on all three!


In order to paint my background I used RubberMoon's Moonlight tint in Milkyway Magenta and Moonlight White .  There's a dreamyness of working with this juicy ink!

Here's a close-up of how I finished the back of my panel and I also used the ink directly on my wings.  For the background I created some tiles using one of Sandra's stamps and I handwrote on the legs Frida's famous quote "Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly!"


Sherry had the second panel and I was thrilled to see how vibrant she chose to finish and the back revealed an even more impressive feast!


In true Sherry style she sculpted a heart and transformed it into a cacti, I know right!!!! You're speechless just like me!


Maxi was our third member and she finished this lovely panel in a beautiful shade of teal, adding beautiful Alma to the front


And look at what she did in the back!!!! Loved it



Archival Case Wooden Tray I
Ancient Soul
Moonlight Tint & Hue Duo- Milky Way Magenta



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