Sandra Evertson is overjoyed to introduce you to the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Brand Ambassadors. This is our hand-picked team of designers created to spread the beauty and potential of the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® line of craft products.


  Chrissy Colón Team Administrator

Chrissy Colón
Team Administrator

Christina Colón started her art journey as a paper crafter more than 10 years ago. Since then she has ventured into card making, mini albums, altered art and other off the page projects. Her style is eclectic, technical with a dash of whimsy. She finds inspiration in her everyday surroundings whether it is a shirt in a storefront window or the colors of the ocean on a sunny day. When she is not creating she can be found adventuring around Okinawa, her current home, reading a good book, or enjoying ocean life eight feet under the sea. She looks forward to sharing her creative journey. Connect with Chrissy on Facebook, her blog, Instagram, or visit her Etsy shop.

  Milagros Rivera   Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Milagros Rivera
Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Milagros is from the sunny island of Puerto Rico. She grew up among seamstresses and artists, so it was natural for her to gravitate to the arts. When her daughter was born, she decided to open a scrapbook store and thus continue a next generation interest in the arts. Her work reflects her passion for all kinds of crafts, jewelry, sewing, and collage. She considers it really hard to choose just one artistic passion. Milagros loves the way this world has evolved into mixed media to give her the opportunity to work with so many exciting mediums. And guess what? She considers RELICS & ARTIFACTS® right there at the top! She is jumping into this journey excited to inspire you and to share her work as it progresses. Visit her online at her  blog, InstagramPinterest, YouTube, Facebook,  and visit her store blog

  Monica Downing   Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Monica Downing
Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Monica is a California girl living in an Arkansas world.  Her husband's job relocated the family to northwest Arkansas and she really loves it there.  Monica loves making art and has always been a creator.  She loves to see the outcome of mixing different mediums.  Mixed media art is her LOVE.  Monica loves inspiring people to try new things and think 'outside-of-the-box'.  Monica works full-time and makes art whenever she has spare time.  She is very excited to be a part of the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Brand Ambassadors and eagerly awaits the amazing journey to come.  You can connect with Monica on a number of platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy.

  Sherry Westfall Matthews Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Sherry Westfall Matthews
Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Sherry Westfall Matthews is a self- taught artist living and creating in a small Alabama town (with the support of her husband, two kids, three dogs and a cat). She believes imagination is much like a muscle...the more you create, the stronger your inspiration becomes!  Also, being self-taught leads her to want to share her trial and error wins (and losses). After all, we have so much to teach one another and it is vital to the creative process to never stop learning. Her works have been featured in numerous publications such as Somerset Studio, Somerset Gallery, Art Doll Quarterly, Holidays & Celebrations, and Jewelry Affaire.  You can find her on facebook, pop in on her blog, or check out her shop on Etsy.

  Heather Thompson Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Heather Thompson
Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Heather Thompson is a mother of two beautiful young children, Olivia and Maksim, who are the inspiration behind a lot of her art. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and kids.  Along with her gardens, ponds and crafting, she is a trauma nurse for 17 years.   She is very passionate about her family,art, and nursing.  Heather has dabbled in arts and crafts throughout her life and started scrapbooking when her daughter was born in 2008. She really took the plunge into the depths of crafting and mixed media in 2014 when she discovered textures, dimensions, mixed media and alterable art.  You can see more of Heather's diverse portfolio of work on her blog, Heather's Creations: Inside and Out.

  Rochelle Gaukel Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Rochelle Gaukel
Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Rochelle is living her life in the wet and rainy climate of BC Canada all the while dreaming of the warm and sunny California where she came from. Married to a Canadian with three grown children, Rochelle lives in the small town of Chilliwack, BC which is very similar to the town of Gilroy, CA where she grew up.  She has always loved making art and experimenting with different mediums. On a trip to Cortona, Italy for an art retreat, it was there that she learned the art of soldering. That was ten years ago and she hasn't looked back since. Perfecting skills and dreaming up new ideas for jewelry and home décor, Rochelle enjoys the challenges along the way. Sheloves inspiring people while teaching workshops out of her home. It's wonderful to see someone who has never taken an art workshop come out of a class with something they are proud of. This is why she loves to teach. She is very excited to be a part of the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador team and can't wait to begin.  You can connect with Rochelle via her website, Facebook (Rochelle Gaukel, WhateverLolaWantsJewelry), Intagram (RochelleGaukel, WhateverLolaWantsJewelry), Tumblr, and Pinterest.

  Darlene Madden Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Darlene Madden
Relics & Artifacts® Ambassador

Darlene Madden is a full time mixed media artist living in St.Albert, Alberta , Canada.  When she am not creating in her lovely studio, you can find her teaching workshops in various cities and towns around Alberta.  She is an artist who loves to upcycle and give new life to old or tired objects by mixing them into mosaics and mixed media pieces.  Her heart is full of gratitude that she is lucky enough to spend her days doing what she loves and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.  If you'd like to connect with Darlene, you can find her at Inspiro Mixed Media, on Facebook at Inspiro Mixed Media Works, on Instagram under @InspiroMixedMedia, or via email at