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Sandra Evertson is overjoyed to introduce you to the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® MUSES. This is our hand-picked team of designers created to spread the beauty and potential of the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® line of craft products.


Milagros Rivera   Relics & Artifacts® Muse

Milagros Rivera
Relics & Artifacts® Muse

Milagros is from the sunny island of Puerto Rico. She grew up among seamstresses and artists, so it was natural for her to gravitate to the arts. When her daughter was born, she decided to open a scrapbook store and thus continue a next generation interest in the arts. Her work reflects her passion for all kinds of crafts, jewelry, sewing, and collage. She considers it really hard to choose just one artistic passion. Milagros loves the way this world has evolved into mixed media to give her the opportunity to work with so many exciting mediums. And guess what? She considers RELICS & ARTIFACTS® right there at the top! She is jumping into this journey excited to inspire you and to share her work as it progresses. Visit her online at her  blog, InstagramPinterest, YouTube, Facebook,  and visit her store blog


Sherry Westfall Matthews Relics & Artifacts® Muse

Sherry Westfall Matthews
Relics & Artifacts® Muse

Sherry Westfall Matthews is a self- taught artist living and creating in a small Alabama town (with the support of her husband, two kids, three dogs and a cat). She believes imagination is much like a muscle...the more you create, the stronger your inspiration becomes!  Also, being self-taught leads her to want to share her trial and error wins (and losses). After all, we have so much to teach one another and it is vital to the creative process to never stop learning. Her works have been featured in numerous publications such as Somerset Studio, Somerset Gallery, Art Doll Quarterly, Holidays & Celebrations, and Jewelry Affaire.  You can find her on facebook, pop in on her blog, or check out her shop on Etsy.


Ann Barnes    Relics & Artifacts® Muse

Ann Barnes

Relics & Artifacts® Muse

Ann has always found making things to be a wonderful way to express herself, and relishes seeing ideas come to life. Sometimes things work and other times they turn out very different than anticipated, but either way, all of the time spent is a pleasure. She enjoys getting inky, working with papers, and manipulating mediums; she loves experimenting and surprise outcomes. Ann is a daughter, a mother, a wife, and an architect. She has a passion for design, and a respect for the art and architecture of the past. She loves spending time in the studio with her daughter; when not there, she can be found taking a walk outside appreciating and gaining inspiration from the beauty that nature provides, admiring historic buildings, or simply tucked into a chair reading a good book. Ann is thrilled to be a member of the Relics & Artifacts Ambassador team and is excited to embark on this creative adventure.

You can connect with Ann via her blog , Facebook , and Instagram (@aksbarchitect).

Jenn White  Relics & Artifacts® Muse

Jenn White

Relics & Artifacts® Muse


Jenn is a life long native of Kansas City, Missouri. Creative play and experimentation with all types of art supplies has filled nearly every hour of every day of her life since her third ride around the sun. Her decision at age 3, to be an artist was made the day she stuck her fingers in jars of tempra paints & slid them across the smooth glossy paper on her first chilhood easel. From there she became a collage artist tearing her favorite illustrations from her beloved childhood storybooks & pasting them all over her bedroom walls so she could gaze upon them always. Her parents are extremely beautiful, creative, artistic & inventive people so luckily she survived. Jenn devotes many of her hours & days to experimenting with & discovering everything a crafting product or art supply is capable of.

When her grandson visits her they enjoy creating art, singing, dancing, cooking & exploring on nature walks through Jenn's flower gardens & woods together. The beautiful imaginary worlds she creates for him during their make believe play are his favorite places to be. This creative time they spend together has made such a positive difference in both of their lives. They have found that art, music & HUGS are the very best medicine.

Her husband is very happy to support her artistic passions & creative endeavors. He, her parents & her two daughters are the greatest fans of her artistic life.

Jenn believes her favorite & greatest creations are her daughters. Their hearts & imaginations are just a big as hers.

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