Beauty is everywhere and angels are among us, this I am certain of.  I am drawn to these wondrous winged celestial beings. History tells us they are believed to be benevolent guardians with supernatural powers, all I know is they raise my spirits everytime I get a glimpse of their sweet cherubic faces and glorious, ethereal wingspans. For me the highlight of this group is the fantastic double winged angel with rays radiating from her head, she is meant to be used as a large centerpiece charm by attaching a long chain that connects at the top of each wing to create a necklace, the five holes below her face are for attaching chains and then adding the Crosse Icons so that they dangle in a group. Love, strength and beauty, these are the weapons of angels.

Each RELICS & ARTIFACTS piece has a beautiful matte resin surface that is Craft Artisan friendly. No sealing or firing required, just paint, stamp, add jewels, glitter, decoupage, fabrics to create everything from outstanding Mixed Media, Trendy or Traditional Home Decor, Fashionable Jewelry, Wedding Favors, to Holiday Ornaments. 

This collection has struck a chord in people's hearts and is quickly gathering a large and devoted following. Be a part of the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Tribe!

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