Archival Case Wooden Tray I

Archival Case Wooden Tray Set I.jpg
Archival Case Wooden Tray Set I.jpg

Archival Case Wooden Tray I


These wooden museum boxes are the perfect cases to hold your RELICS & ARTIFACTS collection. Mix in items you’ve collected that describe your life, your loves and passions whether that be Victoriana with our lovely Cameos and a few of your heritage family lineage photos. There are so many ways to create stunning case studies using our RELICS & ARTIFACTS® try adding a collection of small heart shaped rocks, special found sea shells combined with our Crosse collection to create a serene scene. 

Set of 3 wooden boxes.

6"x6", 5"x5", 4"x4", depth of boxes 3/4"

Note: Crosse Icons pictured sold separately

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