The word Shrine from Latin, scrinium, a case or chest for books or papers, and Old French, escrin, box or case, a dedicated sacred place. 

The original antique this piece was cast from was found in Lourdes, France and was cast from a single piece of Meerschaum. 

Meershaum is a German word meaning Sea Foam which alludes to the belief that it was compressed sea foam sometimes found floating in the Black Sea. It is actually the mineral Sepiolite, (hydrated magnesium Silicate) found mainly in Turkey. 

Each RELICS & ARTIFACTS piece has a beautiful matte resin surface that is Craft Artisan friendly. No sealing or firing required, just paint, stamp, add jewels, glitter, decoupage, fabrics to create everything from outstanding Mixed Media, Trendy or Traditional Home Decor, Fashionable Jewelry, Wedding Favors, to Holiday Ornaments. 

This collection has struck a chord in people's hearts and is quickly gathering a large and devoted following. Be a part of the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Tribe!

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