ICE Resin® Iced Enamels- German Silver


ICE Resin® Iced Enamels- German Silver


ICED Enamels are a custom-formulated, proprietary Cold Enameling system for permanent adhesion of color on metal. ICE Resin®’s unique system of enameling powders, medium, and resin work cohesively to create a permanent, jeweler’s grade bond of color on all types of metals, including precious and base metals.

Lightly sand the surface of your metal bezel or silhouette with sandpaper.
Apply thin coat of Cold Enameling Medium to the surface.
Place metal to be enamels on a piece of scrap paper.
Sprinkle Iced Enamel Powders onto surface.
Gently shake-off excess. (You should be able to put excess back into container.)
Melt Iced Enamel® Powders with craft heat gun. Work from the sides over to the top. When you see powder begin to bubble up but not pop, you know it is time to stop. Tip: You can build up additional layers of enamels at this point.
Let completely cool.
To seal, mix ICE Resin® per manufacturer directions and apply a thin coat with disposable paint brush. Let dry 8 to 12 hours.

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