Imperial Eggs


Imperial Eggs


I've always been fascinated by Antique Faberge Eggs. Carl Faberge was such a gifted artist and jeweler to the doomed Imperial Court of Russia.

He used precious metals and gemstones to elaborately embellish his Easter egg creations. 

In 1887, the Tsar commissioned him to make an Easter Egg gift for his wife the Empress Maria, which became an annual family tradition. 

Faberge had creative freedom with one small stipulation, that each Egg should contain a surprise. 

He fabricated some of the most fabulous works of Art and Jewelry, Decorative and Functional objects.

Imperial Eggs match perfectly with the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Dresden trims.

Each RELICS & ARTIFACTS piece has a beautiful matte resin surface that is Craft Artisan friendly. No sealing or firing required, just paint, stamp, add jewels, glitter, decoupage, fabrics to create everything from outstanding Mixed Media, Trendy or Traditional Home Decor, Fashionable Jewelry, Wedding Favors, to Holiday Ornaments. 

This collection has struck a chord in people's hearts and is quickly gathering a large and devoted following. Be a part of the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Tribe!

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