Ahimsa Mandala Sacre Coeur.JPG
Ahimsa Mandala Sacre Coeur.JPG



Mandala: This circular figure represents the universe in all its complexity. If seen in a dream it is said to represent the dreamer’s search for completeness.

Note: This is a Cling Stamp (rubber with foam backing)

Mandala measures: 2.5" diameter

The MUSE stamp images are based on immediately recognizable iconic imagery. Symbols we are all familiar with in some form that resonates universally among people of every culture. Timeless insignias with unspoken appeal. Powerful, positive emblems that unite all cultures. Idealistic, anthropological images that belong to all of us and carry with them thoughts of love, hope, wonder, beauty, charity, truth and freedom. 
Man has been communicating through symbols for thousands of years by way of, Rays of the Rising Sun, the All Seeing, All Knowing Eye, the Music of the Spheres in the Rhythm of a Sacred Burning Heart Beat, the Madonna Queen of Heaven and Myth Making Milagros that charm and inspire. Early man read it in the cosmos and transcribed it as emotional art on to cave walls. Carpe Diem! 
Be sure to explore the entire line:
Fridafly                             Sacre Coeur                       Fiesta Crown
Epiphany                          Muse                                   Life is Art
Venus                               Dove Amor                        Milagros Charms
Soul Sisters                      Mandala                             Vessel
Pangaea                            Otomi                                 Globus
Oculus                              Mantilla                              Infinitum
Ruby Throats                   Ahimsa                                Basque
Corazon                           Destiny                                Niche
Sol                                   Introspective                       Coronam
Constantine                     Namaste                             
Burning Heart                 Heart of an Artist
Devotion                         Celestial
Scapular                          St. Cecilia
Esperanza                       Flores


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