I consider myself first and foremost a professional day dreamer…. out in the real world I’ve authored several best selling books including Fanciful Paper Projects (Sterling/Chapelle 2005) and Fanciful Paper Flowers (Lark/Chapelle 2007). I'm a designer, author and contributing editor to the WHERE WOMEN CREATE magazine franchise (curating Creative Rituals). I've designed numerous rubber stamp lines exclusive to RubberMoon and Stampington & Company and have contributed extensively to all of their popular magazines including Somerset Studio, Artful Blogging, Art Doll Quarterly and Somerset Life.

In my 20’s I found myself living in Los Angeles, a time filled with fast paced glamorous excitement, modeling, acting and traveling the world. I settled in Austin in my 30’s and spent my days adventure hunting and selling antiques. When my 40’s swung around, my career as an artist truly began. I guess you could say I spent my entire life chasing and living my dreams. So far it has been a series of wondrously serendipitous escapades, one after another each of which has led me directly here.


The idea for RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Matte Craft Blanks comes from a nearly obsessive impulse to collect. I’ve been a gatherer all my life. I have several curiosity cabinets with shelves full of unusual antique oddments lying side by side, broken statuary fragments, ornate Spanish ex votos, 18th century French military medals, sacred Mexican Milagros, Roman intaglios, finely carved cameos and the list goes on… treasures I’ve collected from every corner of the earth and even some lost pirates bounty recovered from the ocean depths like the Caravaca double cross which came from a long ago sunken vessel in Spain.

I derive inspiration from a habit of rearranging these pieces into different groupings, adding new objects as I discover them. This creative ritual is where the idea originated for my craft blanks. Handcrafted molds taken directly from my originals. Castings are created and refined into timeless curated arrangements ready to be reimagined in any number of unique and beautiful ways.

Embellish with your favorite medium… painting, stamping, decoupage, glitters, rhinestones, even solder, anything you can dream up can be applied to these craft blanks to create your own museum worthy collection. I want to inspire craft artisans to create uncommonly wonderful and dramatic things to decorate their lives. Perfect for Jewelry, Multimedia and Home Decor.

Take your crafting to the next level, ignite your imagination, elevate your art by starting with  RELICS & ARTIFACTS®. They will become trusted staples in your craft library, pieces you go to again and again to recreate in an endless variety of combinations. The entire collection is meant to mix, match and fuse seamlessly together, affording unlimited design possibilities. So fabulous you’ll want to collect them all! Join the biggest trend in crafting, make it your own, make a statement. “Art that comes straight from the heart resonates deeply in the souls of others.”  ~Sandra