New Year, New Ambassador. Introducing Ann Barnes

It’s a new year and one of the changes that has come around is the addition of our newest R&A Ambassador, Ann Sullivan Barnes. We’ve been fans of Ann for quite some time and it is a match made in heaven. We look forward to sharing in her Creativity.


We asked Ann a few questions so you can get to know her better:

What fills your time when you are not creating?

When I am not creating, I can be found spending time with my family, or reading a good book. I love visiting museums and learning about the masters. I have such an appreciation for historical art and architecture and how it has been influenced throughout the years, as well as how it influences the design and styles we see today.

What are your favorite materials to use when you create?

I use all types of mediums in my work. My first love is probably inks and paper. The inks both by themselves and with stamps/stencils. I always enjoy experimenting with new techniques and finishes, and I especially appreciate unexpected outcomes. I like to incorporate found objects from nature, ephemera and miscellaneous bits and pieces.

Where do you find inspiration for your art and how do you stay inspired?

I can always find inspiration in the incredible beauty that Mother Nature provides. I am also inspired by historical architecture and sacred spaces and objects. My faith is often reflected in my art. I stay inspired by being observant; noticing the minute details in ornate building elements or on my daily walks at the park, something as simple as a tree silhouette or as glorious as a sunrise can inspire me.

What is your signature style?

This is a tough question for me. I feel like my style is constantly evolving. It is heavily steeped in tradition and may even be considered classic. I have a thing for maintaining scale and proportion and especially details.

If you could meet with anyone, living or deceased, who do you feel you could spend hours in a chat over a cup of tea/coffee?

There are so many names I could give you for this question, Brunelleschi, Raphael, Le Corbusier; but, probably the person I would most like to sit and have a discussion with would be Leonardo DaVinci. He was such a master of proportion and scale and was an amazing scholar. He has always intrigued me as both an architect and an artist, I would love to understand more.

What is your favorite quote?

There are many wonderful quotes that mean a lot to me, but if I am to be honest, I have to say, " it is what it is" is my favorite, most used quote. This is true in both art and life, I am a realist at heart; when something turns out different than expected, its a challenge to figure out the best way to work with it and, most often, that process and the result are their own reward.

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