Welcome the 2015-2016 RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassadors

Hello all!  We have been busy busy behind the scenes on LOTS of new and positive happenings around here!  We are kicking RELICS & ARTIFACTS® up a notch by introducing some major talent to join us.  Without further ado....

Say hello to the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® 2015-2016 Ambassadors!

Wendy Morris-Saponaro, Ambassador Team & Social Media Coordinator

Milagros C. Rivera

Louise Nelson

John Creighton Petersen

Kimberly Cochrane

Debby Anderson

We are all going to explore lots of new creative territory together with RELICS & ARTIFACTS® designed by Sandra Evertson! This artistically fearless group of hand-picked talent by Sandra are "avengers", as we also like to call them, as they have vindicated the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® to an entirely new level of talent.   They will be your global muse of inspiration here on the blog, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterestthe Tribe, and many special projects already in the works and to come.

Oh, it gets better as we are showcasing each day this week an artistic spotlight from each Ambassador where we will pick their brain to see what gets their creative soul ticking and get to know them better.  

SO excited to work with this team and hope you are ready to be super inspired!