This was my first time visiting the Prima office in beautiful Chino Hills, California. My head is still spinning in wonderment. Prima hosted a true crafting marathon of epic proportions, I just spent two days in craft heaven, meeting like minded, sweet, impetuous, creative spirits. Forging friendships, laughing, crafting, eating, and sharing our passion for the making of fantastic things! I want to thank each and everyone who attended, it was an amazing experience I'll not soon forget! And Oh the art we made.... just look! You may think you are gazing upon rare priceless antiques made of finely carved jade, dreamy smooth angel skin coral, polished turquoise, tarnished sterling silver and even hand worked ancient bone, ivory or porcelain but no, all these glorious works of art were created using RELICS & ARTIFACTS!! I was astounded at the collective creativity and electric atmosphere you lovely, talented artists created!! Thank you for giving me two days of sheer joy!!! And a special thanks to Frank Garcia, Denny Dupra-Ruffler, Shanette and Michelle Rossibell!!

Naomi Walsh, Laurie Garcia, Vickie Orlando, John Creighton Petersen, Gala Struthers, Cathy Bonanno, Charlotte Perez, Debby Anderson, Christine Barker, Tanya Peacock, Julie Weller, Barb Solem, Bridgette Antonelli, Cindy Wood, Sandra Navarro, Marilyn Adams, Deborah Berger, Becky Wimbs, Laree McDonald, Kim Clancy, Carolyn Gilbert. 

xoxo Sandra