Her Tender Heart, Altered Tin with RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Cat Kerr

I'm constantly making up stories that go with my art. I truly believe it helps with my creative flow.  When I first started creating this piece, my original plan was to create the tin and then have a pop out book for the inside. But as fate would have it, the face on the Cameo kept tugging, she had a story to tell and wanted me to share it. A story about her lost love.

In 1908, they were young, but devoted to each other. As circumstances would have it, they were separated, their families had moved far apart from one another and the two loves, though completely distraught promised each other that no one else would ever fill their hearts. And so she put her heart in the tin and told him, “My heart will stay here. It will wait forever if it has to, until we can be together again.”  The years, like crystal water, slipped away. New memories filled her heart, new experiences, new lessons, but in 1918 the two lost loves found each other once again.  "Where have you been” she asked "Looking for you” , he responded.  

I know...I'm such a mush!


Paint the tin with gesso 


Glue on filigree, Cameo, ball & chain and when dry cover in gesso.


Use metallic powder and cover entire piece.


Highlight raised edges with metallic lustre.  Add a layer of Amazing Clear Cast. Wait about ½ hour, by this time the resin is starting to cure, and add rhinestone strands in desired locations. Put aside to cure.


Now move on to the inside, glue in a piece of crochet trim.  Add metallic embossing powder to the heart and melt with a heat gun. After the first layer, place a metal finding onto the heart. Add more embossing powder and melt it. The metal piece will melt into the embossing powder. Keep melting until it becomes smooth.

When cool add some metallic paint.


Glue the heart into the tin. With the excess glue that seeps out, add micro beads.

Add gold spray to flowers and then glue them in place.


Add a piece of Dresden to the bottom with a flat back crystal and leaves.


RELICS & ARTIFACTS® used in this tutorial :


Flaming Hearts EX Voto II

Dresden Trim Gold Medallions