"Believe" with RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Cat Kerr

When I first started creating this piece,I knew exactly where I was going with it...but as the days rolled by, I became more and more frustrated in the process because I couldn't seem to execute what I had stored away in my tiny noggin. I knew for sure was that I wanted the Flaming Heart to almost pop out of the assemblage and that I wanted everything around it to draw the eye in.  But after walking away multiple times, painting the shadowbox three times, and almost pulling my hair out, I finally decided to paint the inside of the box a simple matte black...and from there, it finally all came together. “Believe” is about trusting that sooner or later you find yourself on the right path.


-I first added strips of crochet trim to the heart with glue and put it aside to dry.


-I then covered the heart and flame in gesso. Once dry I sprayed some water on them and sprinkled on assorted colors ofAlumidust powders.  I moved them around with a brush covering the entire piece.

-I next added Novacan Patina to brass findings(sparrow and crown)and used a steel mandrel to shape the Sparrow around the heart.

-I then assembled/glued the shadowbox together and glued in the circle shrine kit from Retro Cafe Art to the inside. I then spray painted it black.

-I then added paper to the circle shrine and sprayed gold Color Shine to the inside of the box. When dry I spattered more Alumidust to the inside of the shadowbox.

-I next used a Christine Adolph adhesive word rub on and sprinkled black glitter on it. The look was more subtle than I had anticipated,but I ended up really liking the way it came out.

-I glued the flaming heart to the center of the box and embellished it with the brass pieces,crochet trim and seed beads.

-I finished the outside of the box with premium card stock and Black Dresden from RCA. Instead of using the Black Dresden right side up I turned it over,to give it a more matte look and trimmed the edge,then glued it in place.