Faberge Fantasy with RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Kimberly Cochrane

Easter is right around the corner, what better time to create something that only lives in my fantasies! That of owning a Faberge egg!  Luckily the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® matte resin craft blanks are giving that opportunity to all of us crafty peeps! The chance to create our fantasy, our own Imperial Egg!

Are you ready to learn how? Kimberly has taken steps to teach you how!

Kimberly was reading about the Faberge Eggs and look at her amazing pencil sketch over the egg!

Go over your drawing with 3D paint in metallic silver

Cover your work in Gold!

Mix Green Mica Powder with Glaze Medium to create a fluid and metallic paint

Carefully paint selected areas!

Time for my favorite part, the bling!

Repeat the color scheme for the Egg's crown

Add a coat of Gloss

Don't you wish you were able to wear this beauty? Absolutely stunning work by Ambassador Kimberly Cochrane. Fit for a Czar!