Earth Angels Studios Collaboration & FIND YOUR TRIBE

Ok, so I’ve realized something recently… I really do love what I do. I am totally, irreversibly, undeniably, hopelessly in love with the artistic life. Art is passion translated by creativity through many different mediums. Art speaks to us and feeds our souls. For me the entire process just makes me happy and feels so good. From the moment an idea pops into my head, to discovering an antique treasure that will be the birth of a new craft blank, to adding the finishing touches to a piece I’ve long thought about and desired to create. I’m held captive until I come across the next oddment that speaks to me and tugs on my heartstrings. The best part, the part that connects you to kindred spirits who share an admiration of all things handmade and wonderful is finding your tribe. That group of people who understand you, who accept you, who love what you love….who just get it. No explanations necessary, now that really is pure bliss.

Jen O’Connor founder of Earth Angels Studios is a lover and great supporter of the handmade life. A chance encounter years ago brought us together while working on Jo Packham’s Where Women Create magazine. We’ve been friends for a long time. I am happy to announce a collaboration with Jen and Jo for Earth Angels Studios. Jen will have my line of RELICS & ARTIFACTS® matte resin craft blanks along with some of my finished original pieces offered for sale at the upcoming Lebanon, Tennessee Country Living Fair. We would like to extend a special invitation to our Tribe members and all of you who create with RELICS & ARTIFACTS®. Come to our Pow Wow Show and Tell to share your creations with us in person. We’d love to see what you’ve been up to! There will also be a Giveaway held during the Pow Wow! It's a wonderful opportunity to meet Jo Packham in person, share your creations and studio stories with her and pick up an autographed copy of your favorite magazine!

Jen and Jo invite all retailers and makers to take an up close and personal look at the versatility of this innovative collection. The R&A resin is unlike any other product, with an eggshell like finish that brings to mind tactile antique plasterwork. Just holding a piece in your hand ignites the imagination. Wholesale inquires welcome! Join us for a day of celebrating creativity, personal style and treasuring beauty.

 Saturday, 4/23


At the Earth Angels LIVE! Tent

Sandra Evertson’s RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Pow-Wow

Show & Tell with the Ambassadors and Tribe of Makers who use these matte resin blanks in creating art and handmade…stop by and share your creation with kindred spirits

Hosted by friends & supporters of Sandra’s …Jen O’Connor, Founder and Owner, & Jo Packham, Founder, Where Women Create

 “”Art that comes straight from the heart resonates deeply in the souls of others.” ~ Sandra Evertson


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