Grunge Fairy with RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Louise Nelson

It's spring and with it comes fairies, they come in all shapes and colors and one such delicate, winged beauty is this tiny grungy version by our RELICS &ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Louise Nelson!

Come see how it's done!

Attach metal wings to your Milagro doll

Spray with Gold paint

let dry

rub a light coat of heavy black gesso, first on the wings and then on the doll

Apply a coat of turquoise, metallic paint to the wings

buff away some of the color

Spray again with Bloom Spray in black, making sure you cover the wings in the process

you can speed up the drying process by using your heat gun

Your Grungy Fairy is complete!

How adorable is this winged beauty by Louise? makes you want to go poke around in your garden to see if you spot one! Better yet go, create one, you already know how!!!!