Dragon Warrior, RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Milagros C Rivera

You know those "what if's" that plague my inquisitive mind? You have them too? I was inspired recently with the RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Milagros set. If you go back to our Facebook Tribe, you'll see my hand holding two feet together, forming a leg.  A leg gave me a head and a set of hands, all different Relics that could become one.  How about producing an Angel? Would I be able to bring to life a sculpture of sorts?

Yes I did , she is a beautiful Angel that you may see later on, but she inspired a series.  I will be doing more. The next assignment was creating him, an angel warrior to help me fight.  I had access to a shield and a sword, a face with the armor on.  "So what was he helping me fight," you say? Dragons of course.  Turns out Retro Cafe Art had just released what I needed to complete the story in my head.   A valiant warrior brave enough to take them all at once!

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I used Verday to give him the ancient patina.  And I wanted to use them all, the verdigris, the rust, the blackens.  Finnabair's crackle medium worked beautifully on him!

I wanted my dragons to come to life so I sculpted over the chipboard, I gave them scales and I transformed their wings, some with clay some with simple rope.

My background is comprised of modeling paste using a TCW stencil to create  relief, texture and movement!

I love his gaze, looking at the horizon, frozen in time by his patina

I loved the idea of having one, a serpent kind,  trying to attack his feet, so much to defend!

Watch out my valiant friend, those dragons are ready to attack your feet!

Watch out my valiant friend, those dragons are ready to attack your feet!

To help him come alive I have used:





and VerDay Paint, all of which can be purchased in our Shop

You can find the Retro Cafe Art Gallery Dragons here

"Be in Love" stencil by The Crafter's Workshop