A Crowned Cherub Relic Pendant with RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Kimberly Cochrane

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with anything behind glass, that treasure or relic you could only see and not touch.

I've always thought these pieces as sacred, something someone thought so special that they wanted to preserve it for all time. I think that is why so many of my jewelry creations are either set behind glass or sealed with resin.

It is what inspired me to create this "Crowned Cherub Relic", a piece forever sealed and preserved, a piece that can be passed down and considered a family heirloom, a true relic from the past!

The mysteries these pieces in their glass cases evoke are limited only by your imagination.  For a tutorial on how to make your own encased sacred treasure, click HERE for the Snapguide.

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Relics & Artifacts "Figureheads"