Prairie Pixie, Guardian of the Grasslands with Relics & Artifacts Ambassador Heather Tracy

It's estimated that Tallgrass Prairie once covered 170 million acres of North America. Within a single generation most of this inland sea of waving grasses disappeared.  No one now living has actually seen the grasses that grew taller than a man's head and made venturing outside your door an adventure as thrilling as forging through jungle.  We've forgotten the singing grasses and the abundant life they harbored for millennia.

But the Prairie Pixie never forgets.

The passing of time, however we keep track of it, connects us to history.

Even though the vanished Prairie is ancient, its spirit is forever young like this beautific face from the Relics & Artifacts offering, "Figureheads II With Wood Support".

Now we begin to witness his mission.  He carries the song of the Tallgrass on his body, keeping it safe until the green shoots emerge once again.  Our Pixie, though small and sweet, has a wild fierceness within his heart. He carries a sacred emblem of protection, symbolized by the glorious sword from "Chivalry".


At the rear of the structure lies a secret vault, a place that houses seeds of the Prairie Grasses for generations to come.

The Prairie Pixie awaits.  The Tallgrass will return.  Open when the time is right and spread the seeds to the winds.  Keep it safe, little one.  Thank you for protecting the spirit of the Prairie.

And thank YOU, dear reader, for visiting The Muse today. It's been a pleasure to share the joy of creating with you.

For a complete stepped out tutorial on how to create your own nature inspired shrine, be sure to check out Heather's wonderful Snapguide tutorial!

Supply List:
Figureheads II with Wood Support
Tiny Triangles Dresden trim
Gold Angel Wings Dresden trim