Refresh A Simple Drawer Chest with RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Louise Nelson

RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Louise Nelson was inspired by a timeless art style that was all the rage during late 18th century France.  Rococo, or Late Baroque, is characterized by ornate asymmetrical designs, curves, light colors, gold, The style was developed as a rebuff against the rigidity of it's sibling, Baroque, the style that the iconic Palace of Versailles is best known for.

The beautifully aged gold and crackling are just smashing when set against a bright red chest.  The brass closures on the red chest really draw the Rococo-inspired drawer unit into its space beautifully and seamlessly.

The darling faces from the "Figureheads" set of craft blanks serve to enhance the lightheartedness of the Rococo style.  Aged to perfection, you just want to touch each face and soak in the subdued extravagance of the style.

The crackled and patina finish is a wonderful addition much like the beautifully tied bow on a Christmas gift. Rococo and Late Baroque inspired pieces just beg you to take it all in using your sense of sight and touch.

Try your hand at recreating one of France's most iconic decorative styles by following the Snapguide Louise has prepared for your hungry eyes and eager hands.

Supply List:
Relics & Artifacts "Figureheads" (941628) 
Finnabair Texture Paste White Crackle Medium
Finnabair Heavy Black Gesso
Wooden 3 drawer chest,
Krylon Gold Foil Metallic Spray,
Helmers Matte Spray sealer.