RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassadors Get Creative with Chandelier Pendants

Do you know what is one of the best qualities of a blank canvas?  It's an open door to our imagination.  A blank canvas of any type represents vision.  Today's open door to our imagination are the Relics & Artifacts® Chandelier Pendants.  How about we take a stroll through the creative imaginations of the Ambassadors as they work their vision on these beautiful blank canvases.

Cat's creations are both soft and timeless, giving each tag its own unique personality while keeping the trio a cohesive family of loveliness.  

Kimberly works her magic using her signature jewelry style to create pure magic on three very distinct and unique pieces.

Milagros has two brilliant ways to use Chandelier Pendants.  Why not make a pretty key fob to show off?  Not only is your keyring immediately made beautiful but it's also a one of a kind.

Already made the key ring?  Then how about adorning a loved one's present with an heirloom sure to please future generations.

Speaking of the magic of beautiful gift tags, Monica created this beauty that is sure to please bride or groom.

Louise flexes her artsy muscles with her adorable Goth Girls that she painted directly onto the pendants.  Simply amazing!

Why not dig into that stash of fabric scraps and cover a pendant?  Chrissy tapped into the inspiration of Japan and made an ornament.

It's simply amazing how different each Ambassador's pendant turned out.  A visual representation of vision and imagination, each unique, each beautiful, and each started as a blank canvas.