Wishing You a Joyous Eastertide

Creating with inspiration and respect for the past has always been my passion.


I cut down and resized our Octavia Paperpoly Spanish Colonial Torso.


Set a pair of Antique German Glass Eyes and an old watch glass into the paperpoly using Apoxie Sculpt.


Painted an undercoat of warm brown to show through the Kroma Crackle that would eventually be layered on top.


Mixed inexpensive acrylic paints in varying shades of peach, yellow and ivory to create a soft glowing skin tone, then painted lips and faint eyebrows to bring her to life.


The crackle adds depth, mystery and instant history.


This antique silk embroidered ribbon I’ve had for probably 20 years and never had the “right”piece to put it on until now.


A variety of “proportion appropriate” Victorian scraps create the dress trim. The bright gold Dresden trim was painted with Verday Patina paint to add an aged look.


Tacky glue is just the right consistency to hold the trims in place with the help of a little bit of painters tape until it dries.


If there was one product I couldn’t live with out other than our R&A craft blanks its Aves Apoxie Sculpt! There are many new clays on the market but none have the permanence and performance it has. Rolled out a layer, draped her head and sculpted some upswept and curled locks for her.


I felt she was a Nordic strawberry blonde.


The trick to creating a great piece is proportion, size does matter! I searched to find something in my stash that would create the right size braids for her elaborate hairdo. Some antique fringe tightly braided worked beautifully.


You can see I made long braids and adhered them to form her hairdo.


Then painted highlights of antique gold and arranged more trims to create a befitting headdress.


A close up shot to show the layers of intricate trims.


I’m still looking for the perfect little cross to adorn her necklace.


I pretty happy with the finished piece, I think she has a solemn look about her.


The last step was to give her light and place a small box of keepsakes in her with a positive message for whomever comes across this piece in the centuries to come. “This Life was a Beauty To Me.” S.E. 2019


My inspiration, the Antique female saints Reliquary busts of Old World Europe.


Generally made of wood, they had small “doors” in the head and chest to hold and keep the relics safe.


I’m kind of addicted now and she will be the first of a series! I hope you enjoyed this post, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Wishing you and yours a Joyful, Joyfilled, Peaceful Eastertide!