RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Chrissy Colon: "Saving Grace" Santos Pendant

What better way to try something new and revive one's muse than with a really cool challenge.  I've never tried my hand at jewelry making because I've always thought I never had the patience for it.  I always thought there had to be tedious beadwork, wire wrapping, and anything else that would leave me completely cross-eyed.  Because of the latest challenge being hosted in the Relics & Artifacts Tribe on Facebook, I have quickly learned that jewelry making doesn't have to be all that drama!

Behold!  My awesome "Saving Grace" necklace minus all of the frustration and crossed eyes!

Okay, so there are *some* beads in there and they were a tiny bit tedious to add since I glued each one on by hand but it sure beats fighting with wire and pliers! 

All I used was a gorgeous heart from the Flaming Hearts Ex Votos I set, some acrylic paint, Finnabair's Art Alchemy Paint, beads, and Ice Resin.  Seriously, it was *that* easy.  

I found these really cool religious icons at a local craft store and this one was perfect for this piece.  You can tell by the size comparison that the icon is itty bitty.  

So cool and so easy right?  If you aren't a member of the coolest and most fun Tribe around, be sure to join us and get in on the challenge fun!  Rumor has it there is a phenomenal prize up for grabs for the challenge winner and runner up, not to mention bragging rights because who doesn't love those?


Supply List
Relics & Artifacts "Flaming Hearts Ex Votos I"
Finnabair Art Alchemy Paint
Acrylic Paint
Ice Resin
Seed Beads
Religious Icon Charm
Necklace Chain