Destination, A Journey Through Time by RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Ambassador Milagros C Rivera

This journey started with a skull in my hand, this Ancient Soul that begged to be worked on.  The allure was instant, so much so that I ended up working all three of them, at the same time.  I even named one Flora...She's another story, another project.  They were all meticulously covered in script, they needed to show their age!


 Now do you know about Scrimshaw?  They are elaborate engravings  and carvings done in ivory or bone.  After the carvings the engraving was highligthed using pigment to show the work.  It dates back to the 1700's.  And I love the way my guy turned  out to be mystical and ancient.  

The idea developed into how time evolves, unstoppable, I found a few hour glasses on the crown I used, and I filled them very patiently with micro bead to show different times running. 

 I needed gears to represent movement and those gears in turn needed to be covered in patina to continue my journey into the unknown...the mysteries of the mind.  In her late years my favorite Grandmother was grabbed by Alzheimers.  Seeing a person so close to you, slowly, or (in some cases really quickly) deteriorate is heart breaking.  Those precious threads that connected with you are no longer there.  Something unknown to you has taken hold.  Tearing apart something dear to you forever.

Our journey in this Earth is ever present.  We leave a legacy, carried in this precious box that houses our brains, giving us the ability to create, share, remember. Make yours count!

In my exploration I took care of documenting the process, if you want to achieve this patina with something as cool as a watercolor crayon, I'll take you there! Just follow the link to our Snapguide to learn how.

Materials used


RELICS & ARTIFACTS® Archival Wooden Tray

Tim Holtz Gearhead dies, Distress Crayons, Distress Medium Vintage and crazing, metal corners, stencils


Finnabair heavy black gesso, heavy body gel and bronze microbeads

black modeling paste

metal gears